What are common CDC considerations to transfer a pulse and to transfer multi-bit signals?

CDC considerations to transfer a pulse

Transfer a pulse from slow to fast clock domain, and from fast to slow clock domain, require separate handling.

Generally speaking, passing a signal from slow clock to fast clock is not a problem, since the loss of a pulse is less likely to happen. Based on Nyquist Theorem, if receiving clock frequency is at least 2x of sending clock frequency, then there will be no sampling loss.

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Design an asynchronous FIFO with non-power-of-2 even number of entries

Designing a power-of-2-entry async FIFO is straightforward, but how about designing an async FIFO with non-power-of-2 but even number of entries, for example, 6?

The only difficult part is non power of 2 number gray encoding. For power of 2 number is pretty straightforward. Let’s take 8 for example, the gray code can be:

000 -> 001 -> 011 -> 010 -> 110 -> 111 -> 101 -> 100

Notice that it’s mirror symmetric. To get gray encoding for 6, we can take the middle 2 encoding out of the sequence:

000 -> 001 -> 011 -> 111 -> 101 -> 100

It still satisfies gray encoding. Done!

Design a non-power-of-2 Synchronous FIFO

If the sync FIFO has non-power-of-2 entries, for example, 3 entries, what can we do? Well, we have at least 2 approaches.

The easiest way is to maintain a counter for FIFO occupied entries, and use it to generate the FIFO empty or full condition.

The second approach is to use the same trick for pointer encoding as what we see in power-of-2-entry FIFO. For example, both read and write pointers have (2 + 1) bits, where 2 is for bits to index 3-entry FIFO, and 1 is to decode FIFO full and empty conditions. Pointer value change shall have the following patterns:

000 -> 001 -> 010 -> 100 -> 101 -> 110 -> 000 -> …

When read pointer is equal to write pointer, the FIFO is empty; When read pointer is the same as write pointer other than MSB, the FIFO is full.