We are group of hardware engineers from Silicon Valley. We built this website to help students and professionals prepare for ASIC/FPGA/RTL digital design and verification interviews, and land in their dream job in the hardware industry.

We ourselves have been through multiple rounds of hardware interviews, and totally understand how stressful and challenging they can be. We also underwent struggle so as to attain the knowledge or explore new opportunities in this field. Unlike software engineers, who have abundant resources for preparation, such as LeetCode, Stack Overflow, LintCode, etc. Hardware engineers have hardly any counterparts. Gold nuggets of information can be found here and there, but nowhere summarizes it in an organized way that can be easily followed.

This website is designed to share our knowledge, experience and view regarding digital design and verification interviews. The structure of our content is organized in the same way modern ASIC/VLSI industry partition the workflow. We want to make sure our readers gain real industrial experience by understanding what skills the companies are looking for.

In addition, our website is aimed at sharing up-to-date interview questions from top-tier companies, for example, Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm, AMD, Amazon and Facebook.

We hope the information on this website is useful, and refer us to others so we can help them as well!

Chipress Academy