Logical Equivalence Check, or LEC, is a formal verification method, to compare revised design with reference design. There are several circumstances where LEC is required, for example:

  1. Designers need to compare synthesis netlist (revised design) with RTL (reference design), to make sure synthesis optimization and scan insertion do not alter designers’ intent
  2. Physical designers need to compare PnR netlist (revised design) with synthesis netlist (reference design), to make sure the PnR results and timing ECOs do not change synthesis netlist functionalities
  3. Designers may perform ECOs for new feature addition and bug fix. There should not be any mismatch between ECOed RTL and synthesis netlist

The most common LEC tools include Cadence Conformal LEC, and Synopsys Formality. We will focus on Cadence Conformal LEC flow from next post.

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