Xilinx Vivado is an FPGA design and verification environment used for Xilinx FPGAs. We can also use it for compiling, simulating and synthesize our HDL. This doc is created for introducing how to install and activate Xilinx Vivado on your own PC.

Download and Install

  • If you are on a Windows machine, please download the “WebPACK and Editions – Windows Self Extracting Web Installer” else if you are on a Linux machine, please download “WebPACK and Editions – Linux Self Extracting Web Installer “
  • Double click the self installer, Select “Download and Install”, and fill up your account info and click “Next”.
  • Select “Vivado HL Design Edition” or “Vivado HL WebPACK” for Verilog use. Select “Vivado HL Design Edition” if you have HLS needs.
  • Start Installation Process
  • Once the Installation Process done, we need to load the license.

Load license

  • The “Vivado License Manager” will be open automatically after installation

  • Choose “Start Now! 30 Day Trial” click “Process Now” and close the License Manager.
  • Done! You are ready to go!

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